Letter from the President - BizTech Help Center

Michael Brown -

Greetings BizTech Customer!

I'm excited to announce a new service that will empower you to receive the best possible customer experience from BizTech.  We've launched some new technologies to improve the ways you can get support from BizTech and keep you informed every step of the way.  Collectively this new offering is called The BizTech Help Center and I'm confident you'll see immediate and long term benefits from our new services.

I wanted to make it Easier To Do Business With BizTech.  By that I mean streamlined communications, faster response time, and ultimately delivering solutions that exceed your expectations for each and every interaction your company has with BizTech.

Whether you've been working with BizTech for years or you're just getting to know us, I'm proud to say that my BizTech team has the knowledge and experience to resolve your technical issues, improve your business processes, and help you implement new solutions.  Almost every support situation starts with a request or an inquiry.  Currently, anyone in your company can either send an e-mail or make a phone call directly to a BizTech team member to initiate the support cycle.  It's our job to evaluate each support request and determine the best course of action.  We can break it down into 3 possible request types:

  1. Help - You are requesting support to resolve an issue or possibly a larger scale incident.  In other words, some software or hardware is not cooperating and you need help from a BizTech resource to resolve the issue.

  2. Improvements - You are looking to improve on some aspect of your business that BizTech can help with.  Maybe it's a new report or some training for an employee or you are ready to implement a new solution or upgrade your systems.  You need help planning the solution and you likely need a quote to know the price and current delivery expectation.

  3. Follow-up - You are following up on the progress of some existing task or project.  Or you are contacting us to give your own status update.

The new BizTech Help Center will not only allow you to more easily submit your requests to BizTech but it will also make sure no request is ever lost or delayed for too long.  No matter how you now choose to submit an issue (online via support website, over the phone, by e-mail, or in-person) there is a BizTech policy in place to make sure your request is entered into our new support system.  There might be times when the BizTech person you are contacting is busy working on a project or out of the office or otherwise unavailable, but by following our new guidelines for submitting requests, your message will be logged into our new customer service system.

The system will automatically send you a familiar Support Ticket Number by e-mail.  The right people at BizTech will be notified immediately.  Depending on the timing of your request and the urgency of the issue, your support work will be scheduled in our system.  You will receive e-mail alerts keeping you updated during the entire process.  You can also reply to those alerts to keep us informed of any changes and to notify us when the issue is actually resolved so the ticket can be closed. 

One of the major benefits to using an online customer support system to handle our customer interactions is that unlike an e-mail inbox, the interactions in a ticketing system have a defined end-point: we mark a ticket "solved".  This closed loop process is important for both BizTech and you - our customer; it puts us both on the same page - an agreement that the issue or question has been resolved and ultimately closed.

The BizTech Help Center will continuously improve as we expand our knowledge base to allow for more self-service support and fast answers to common problems.  The main focus, however, will always remain --- we will strive to make it easy for you to do business with BizTech!

Click the links below to learn more.  Or you can just submit your next request in any way that works best for you.  Expect to receive your support ticket number in return to track the support process.

Please let me or anyone on the BizTech Team know if you have any questions about our new support service.  Thank you for being a great customer!

Michael Brown
Phone:  (419) 539-6922 ext 202
E-mail:  mbrown@gobiztech.com
LinkedIn:  Connect with Me


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