What are the Status Stages for Tickets?

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What are the Status Stages for Tickets?

One of the major benefits to using an online customer support system to handle our customer interactions is that unlike an e-mail inbox, the interactions in a ticketing system have a defined end-point: we mark a ticket "solved".  This closed loop process is important for both BizTech and you - our customer; it puts us both on the same page - an agreement that the issue or question has been resolved and ultimately closed.

But of course, there are a few steps between you sending a ticket and us marking it solved.  To handle these various stages, all BizTech tickets can be in one of four states (or four statuses ): New , Open , Pending , or Solved .  New and Solved might be self-explanatory -- they mark the beginning of the interaction and the end -- but what about Open and Pending?

An Open ticket is defined as a ticket assigned to a support person at BizTech.  This might be a consultant, a Solution Advisor, or a Manager.  An Open ticket indicates we are working on the issue or the request. Once a ticket's status has been changed from New, it can never be set back to New.

But, of course, oftentimes to solve a ticket, we need to collect more information from you, our customer, e.g. we need the specific text of the error that you are seeing, or we need your account number, etc.  So we write you back.  When that happens, the ticket is changed to "Pending" and you receive an e-mail alert with a description of what is needed. 

When you reply to us with the information we requested -- the error message or account info -- our system will automatically change the status from Pending to Open. Then we continue to work on the issue or request.  We may need more information so the cycle could continue.  The goal is for us to get confirmation from you that the issue or request is complete or more specifically --- resolved. 

Once it has been determined by testing or communication that the original request is resolved, we will change the ticket status to Solved.  You will receive an e-mail alert indicating that status.  If you agree, you don't need to do anything.  After 4 days, the ticket will be changed to "Closed" automatically.

If you feel the issue is not solved, you can reply to the e-mail alert or login to the BizTech Help Center and add a comment to the ticket.  That will change the status back to Open and let us know more work is needed.


With this streamlined and automated communication, we will both be kept in the loop and no issue or request will be lost or forgotten.  Our system has other automated features to make sure all Open tickets are reviewed and updated very often until they are Solved.



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